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Different types of Leather

Leather is a fundamental material used in safety gloves and is the base material for many of our products, including rigger gloves and welding gauntlets. There are however many types and forms of leather, which will be discussed in this blog. What is Leather? Leather is made using the hide (skin) of an animal, and

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EN407 – Protection against thermal hazards

Understanding EN407:2004 The standard EN407:2004 is designed for gloves which are used to protect against thermal hazards, representing a glove's thermal performance when working with heat and/or fire. The standard is broken down into 6 areas (seen to the right), with each element being scored from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of

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Different types of heat-resistant gloves

Previously, when shopping for heat-resistant gloves you were limited to either MIG or TIG leather gauntlets – this, however, is no longer the case! In 2020, there are a plethora of different heat-resistant gloves available on the UK market, all suited to various different tasks with different associated risks. Gloves which are intended to protect

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