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Top 5 Gloves for Construction

Top 5 Gloves for Construction Workers With aspects of the country-wide lockdown being eased, many construction workers within the UK are returning to work; whilst respecting social distancing guidelines. It is imperative that workers are provided with the correct PPE to enable them to remain both safe and productive on-site. See our top 5 recommended

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The importance of Hi-Vis Rigger gloves

Rigger gloves are some of the best options for a multitude of functions. Whether you are a rigger or cable puller, or simply want an ideal pair of gloves for home construction, warehouse work, or various industries including oil & gas drilling, mining, marine operation, and fishing, rigger gloves are notoriously used for the protection

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Are you missing out on our Top 10?

Top ten best sellers from Just 1 Source At Just 1 Source & Supply we have a wide range of fully tested and high-quality work gloves, to suit applications within multiple industries and applications. See our top ten best-sellers below... are you missing out?! 1. Pred Ruby The Pred Ruby is a 13 gauge, PU

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Corona Virus Prevention

Protect Yourself! With the escalation by the UK government of the coronavirus response towards "delay" phase, it is of vital importance that as a nation we do everything in our power to control the spread of this pandemic. With the current shortage of hand sanitiser in the UK, as part of their Coronavirus Policy, many

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The benefits of buying wholesale gloves from a trusted supplier

Sometimes, your hands just won’t cut it. When the temperature is extreme or the terrain tough, you need quality work gloves to protect your skin. After all, no job is worth ruining one of the most important extremities on your entire body. Still, to buy wholesale work gloves without considering certain factors is a mistake.

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Coronavirus Update

China Factory Update Although factories were expected to resume work on Monday 10th following the extended New Year holiday, this has again been pushed back until at least 17th February due to the continual outbreak of this virus. Once factories are authorised by the central government that they can resume work, they must submit documentation

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National Apprenticeship Week 2020

Over the last 5 years, Just 1 Source has presented staff with the opportunity to undertake various apprenticeships, to help support their role in-house and to encourage both personal and professional development. Max: Max joined Just 1 Source as a Sales and Customer Support Apprentice in 2015, undertaking training with YH Training. Max was promoted

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What Is the best coating for work gloves?

Work gloves need to be both practical and provide the wearer with protection. For this reason, our gloves come with a range of coating designed to provide a barrier between the skin and whatever materials you handle. While there is no “best” coating for work gloves, some are better than others in particular settings. Let’s

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What is Twaron?

Manufacturers have invested heavily in developing glove materials and coating technologies that will protect user's hands even in the most extreme environments. Twaron-containing gloves are the fruits of their labour - gloves that use trademark Twaron fibres to provide exceptional protection in a variety of standard work situations. What Is A Twaron Glove? Twaron is

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Gloves for Asbestos Handling

Work Gloves for Asbestos Risk Areas Asbestos can be found in materials relating to the construction of a building, such as insulation, drywall, ceilings, floor tiles, cement, and more; and is recognised as a class 1 carcinogen – meaning that the substance is known to cause a cancer risk to humans. The use of asbestos

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