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EN374-1:2016 – Protective Gloves Against Chemicals and Micro-Organisms

The standard EN374 is in place to certify gloves that are designed for use with or around chemical hazards or micro-organisms. As working with chemicals carries an incredibly high risk, gloves certified to this test will all be classified as CAT III. Gloves in this category (CAT III) are to protect against the highest levels

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The Impact of Shipping on the Supply Chain

2021 has been a year of frustration for importers of goods dealing with suppliers in Asia and the Far East, Covid-19, Port Congestion at both Origin and Arrival Blocked Waterways, Blank Sailings, Typhoons, recently reported power cuts in China and of course the ever-increasing shipping costs… Blank Sailings are normally put in place to increase

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Engineering Gloves

Engineering covers a spectrum of many different working applications. It's defined as ‘the branch of science and technology concerned with the design, building, and use of engines, machines, and structures'. Engineers are required to solve problems within their field by innovating, developing, and improving technologies to advance our way of living. Engineering can be broken

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Update on the New UKCA Marking

What is the UKCA Mark? The UKCA Mark stands for UK Conformity Assessed, and is a certification mark that indicates conformity with the applicable requirements for products sold within Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales). This shares similarities to the CE marking; however, this will no longer be suitable for goods in the UK, following

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Are your work gloves putting you at risk?

Safety gloves are designed to protect against various hazards within the workplace. Some types of safety work gloves include: Cut Resistant Gloves Welding Gloves Impact Gloves Needlestick Gloves Grip Gloves Chemical Resistant Gloves Latex Gloves Nitrile Gloves Whilst the main function of wearing these types of products is to keep you safe – your choice

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Best Winter Gloves

It may only be August but now is the perfect time to start preparing for winter and deciding on which thermal gloves you are wanting to supply. Why are Winter Gloves important? As the seasons change, so do some working conditions. This can present different hazards to those seen in the hotter months of the

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Touchscreen Gloves

We live in a digital world with more day-to-day processes involving technology. In many roles touchscreens have become more prevalent and in some cases, they are an essential part of the working practice. This includes print, automotive, retail, logistics, and HSO applications to name a few. Touchscreen gloves enable people within these fields to stay

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How to Place an Order

At Just 1 Source, it is always our aim to make the customer experience as smooth and stress-free as possible, so we offer different methods to place your orders with us. Opening an Account Just 1 Source operate a strict no trade with End User policy, as we believe this has been key to support

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Nitrile Disposable Gloves

Nitrile gloves are more widely used than ever in both industry and simple day-to-day tasks, with gloves often needing to be regularly replaced.Why Nitrile?Up until the early ’90s, Latex was the main option for the manufacturing of disposable gloves however, over the years, Nitrile versions have become more prominent in the market. This is mainly

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Brand New: The Pred Needle

Brand-new and unlike any other glove in our portfolio; meet the Pred Needle. A 10 gauge polyester, cotton and steel liner makes the foundations of the Pred Needle, which is fully coated in latex foam offering water resistance, great grip and abrasion resistance. In addition, the Pred Needle provides the maximum cut resistance

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